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Due to a lack of entrants, the league will not run for the 2016/2017 season. We hope to be back next year.


Welcome to the website for Leicester Charity Darts League.


Should anyone be interested in doing averages next season, i have prepared a sheet that can be printed.

If anyone would like to suggest any changes to the format of it, please let me know, and i will look into it.


It would be good if we could all do averages, i could collate them and publish them each week, as i currently do with the player stats as they are.



New 2

Here are a couple of things that you may find useful.

Board set up, this has the measurements for both 7' 6" and 7' 9 1/4"

http://www.freewebs.com/leicestercharitydarts/BOARD SET UP.pdf

501 averages, this has the averages worked out for one and 2 legs of 501, a handy helper for those of you doing the averages perhaps.

http://www.freewebs.com/leicestercharitydarts/501 AVERAGE WORKOUT.pdf

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League Rules

Leicester Charity Darts League
Playing Rules

The League

1)     The league is open to teams based in and around Leicester. It is an open league – teams may be single sex or mixed.


2)     Matches are played on Thursday nights over the winter.


3)     All teams are required to have a representative present at the AGM.


4)     All teams should be represented by at least two players at Presentation Night.


The Board


1)     The board will be a standard darts board – i.e. Numbers 1-20, outer doubles ring, trebles ring, outer bull (25) and inner bull (50).

      The centre of the bull should be at a height of 5’ 8” above the floor.

The oche should be at a distance of 7’ 6”, measured from the throwing side of the oche to a line dropped       vertically from the front of the board to the floor. Players may choose to throw from a greater distance if they so desire.

2)     All venues should provide a raised oche to mark the throw.


3)     The board should be lit by an overhead spotlight.

The Match

1)    Matches will consist of nine sets as follows:

·            Six singles. Best of three legs of 501.

·            Three pairs. Single leg of 801.

All legs are straight start, double finish with NO bust rule. The centre bull counts as a double for the purpose of finishing and scores 50.


2)     Matches should start by 20:30. Teams not in a position to start the match by this time are liable to forfeit the game.


3)     Each team will consist of six players plus any reserves. All players must be registered with the league secretary before being eligible to play.


4)     Teams may play with fewer than six players. In such cases they will concede any singles and pairs sets for which they do not have sufficient players. A single player may play against two in the pairs. However, should a team have 5 players, the opposing captain may pick one of the 5 at random, and they will be allowed to play in the final singles match, with normal points awarded. The pairs will still have to be played a player short. This can be done a maximum of twice per season, and the result card should be marked accordingly, and signed by both captains. Should a team have less than 5 players, normal rules apply and they have to play short-handed.


5)     Playing order is decided by a random draw made by the captains before the start of the match. All names should be entered on the results card in the order drawn and the card should then be signed by both captains.


6)     The away side throws first in odd numbered sets. The player throwing first in leg 1 throws first in leg 3 should the game require a third leg.


7)     The home side will chalk all legs.


8)     Reserves may be introduced into the game before the start of the pairs. Once a player has been substituted he may not return to game at a later point.


9)     The results of all sets should be recorded on the results card along with the names of players scoring 180 or hitting a finish of 100 or better (these to be initialled by both captains). The highest checkout for the season and the player scoring the most 180s will be eligible for a trophy.

10)  Results card to be sent in by the home team, and signed by both captains, players’ surnames to be on the results cards. Ideally, they should reach the results secretary by the Monday of the week following that in which the match was played. If results cards have not been received 2 weeks after the match has been played, the home team, responsible for sending it, will be deducted 1 point, and for any further offences, 2 points will be deducted on each occasion.

11)  If a match is forfeit, the non-offending side must send in a results card (whether home or away) to the results secretary.

12)  Teams will be awarded one point for each set won, and a further 2 points for winning the match. If a match is forfeited, the offending side receive no points; their opponents receive nine points for the sets but NO win bonus.


13)  The division will be won by the team with the most points at the end of the season. If teams are tied, then the team with the most wins is placed highest, if still tied, then record against each other is the deciding factor. If there is still a deadlock, then a play-off will be played at a neutral venue. League representatives will officiate at this game.



14)  Any team found guilty of playing ineligible players will forfeit the match; points will be awarded as per rule 12.




1)  Teams contravening league rules may be fined all or part of their league bond at the committee’s discretion. Examples:

·         Persistent late notification of match results

·         Withdrawal from the league prior to the end of the season

·         Persistent failure to play matches as scheduled.

·         Non-attendance at the AGM (all teams should be represented by at least one player).

·         Non-attendance at Presentation night (at least two team members).

·         Offensive behaviour during a match


2)     Any team wishing to play an underage player must contact the venue before the match to ensure that they will be admitted. The landlord or steward’s decision in such cases is final.


3)     Late player registrations should be sent to the league secretary with the appropriate fee.


4)     Captains are responsible for the conduct of their players and supporters.


5)     Any matters not covered in these rules should be resolved using the guidelines provided by the BDO on their web site. Any matters still in dispute should be referred to the league secretary.


6)     Up-to-date results and tables will be sent out via email if one has been provided. Latest results will also be posted on the website and Facebook page.


7)     In all matters concerning the league, the committee’s decision is final.


8)     Relegation and promotion will be 2 up 2 down should the league retain more than one division.


9)     Players may transfer teams at any point during the season. A player registration fee will need to be paid to the league secretary. Players may only transfer once during a season.





Contact Information


Website: http://www.freewebs.com/leicestercharitydarts/


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leicestercharitydarts





Chairman –                                     Lol Loweth

Treasurer/Secretary –                    

Website Admin/Results/Fixtures – 

Hon. Secretary –                            Dave Randall

Members –                                     Keith Armiger

                                                      Karen Keeber


News and information

Should both teams agree, the oche can be placed at 7'9 1/4", no agreement, then the match will be played from 7'6".

League Constitution

League Constitution, Leicester Charity Darts League

1. The league is called "Leicester Charity Darts League”.

2. The league to present a set of general playing rules which must be available to every team within the league, the rules of which can only be changed at an A.G.M.

3. The league must form a Committee, whose duty is to see the league is run in the appropriate manner, this Committee will be made up of the following officers:

a) Chairman, who will chair all meetings, and has a casting vote on any tied votes at meetings.

b) Vice-Chairman, who will act as Chairman in his absence.

c) Treasurer,  who will control all league finances, including collection of all league fees etc. 

d) Secretary, who will make a record of all meetings, including A.G.M's and prepare all Agenda's for any meetings and A.G.M's these will be the "Minutes".

e) A fixture secretary who must be a committee member, but can be any of the above.

f) A number of other committee members, who will assist in all of the above where possible.

4. All teams will be required to pay league registration and competition entry fees, which will be set at each A.G.M. These fees will go towards purchasing trophies for the league and competition winners. If sufficient funds are available, a charitable donation will be made to a deserving cause, to be determined by the committee.

5.   The league must have a bank account, which will be used to deposit all or any money left of trophies over after purchase and all expenses are taken out. This will only be accessed by designated consignees.    

(a) Accounts must be presented for scrutiny by any member if asked.
(b) Accounts must be presented at all A.G.M's

6. The league will hold regular committee meetings where all competition draws will be made and any complaints dealt with.

7. Any complaints must be put in writing to the committee, and signed by the sender.

8. Any proposals put forward must be proposed and seconded before being accepted.